full of delight and wonder, funny
and beautiful"
Richard Benjafield
Chris Brannick

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Dreaming England

Dreaming England
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'His music inhabits a unique,
delicate soundworld'
Paul Hindmarsh, BBC Radio 3 ('Haunted Rain')

'Intricate, tonal lines built
the whole piece into a tremendous
choral tour de force'
Edinburgh Evening News ('Love Remains')

'An exciting composer with real ideas
who can speak very clearly and movingly.'
Manchester Evening News ('Something Lost')

'An epic and amazing piece.'
Joanna MacGregor ('Eleven Nights with Glenn Gould')

'His work is truly original.
His scores are little miracles'
Judith Weir ('Imaginary Orchestras')

'This extraordinary piece'
The Scotsman ('The Archaeology of Air')

'A work of rapt, self-communing beauty;
sparse in scoring and achieving an
unbearable intensity of feeling by an
amazing economy of means'
Ken Bayliss, Bury Times ('Bamboo Grove Song')

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