'His work is truly original. His scores are little miracles'
Judith Weir
('Imaginary Orchestras')






Selected Works...

Tidelines (Javanese Gamelan) : AUDIO SAMPLE
Sweet Steel Alone (Solo Steel Pan)
Hillclouds, Rainwindows and Vanishing Orchestras (Steel pan quintet)
Sound Asleep (Percussion Quartet)
Architects tumble down from the Clowds (Percussion Quartet)
Night Scented Stock (Percussion Duo)
The Language of Ghosts (Percussion Duo)
Audlem Sonata (Solo percussion)
Three Horizons (15 Percussion)
Haiku Requiem - Homage to Buddy Holly (Percussion Duo)
ear...sness...hear...inthral... (Percussion Duo)

Love Remains (8-part Choir)
Dreaming England (Mixed Choir)
Always the Light (Mixed Choir)
Two Lullabies (Women's Choir)
Wyrd Sleep (Starter Choir)
Love you Big as the Sky - Lindisfarne Lovesong (40-part Choir)
Beautiful Days (Mixed Choir)

Wildflower Street (Large Orchestra) : AUDIO SAMPLE
The Weaving of Telescopes (Small Orchestra)
Driftwood September (Solo Steel Pan and Small Orchestra)
Britain Seen From the North (Strings)

Chamber Music
Vanishing Games (Oboe Quartet) :AUDIO SAMPLE
Missing Pieces (Oboe Quartet)
Something Lost (Flute and Piano;also for fl, vla, hp.) : AUDIO SAMPLE
Windflower (Flute and Percussion)
The Buried Dreams of Our Lives (3 Recs, vla da gamba, hpschd.) : AUDIO SAMPLE
Points North (3 Flutes or 3 Oboes, with or without percussion)
Fieldthread (4 Flutes) : AUDIO SAMPLE
Memory Trace (Tuba Quartet)
Images of Sleep (Three Oboes)
Driftwood September (Steel pan and piano quartet)

The Archaeology of Air (Organ, Soprano and tape)
Eleven Nights with Glenn Gould (Piano)

Brass Band
Haunted Rain

Wind Band
Magic Autumn Songs

Amateur Works
Imaginary Orchestras, no. 1 (Flexible instrumentation)
Time Horizons (Percussion with Flexible instrumentation)
Days Like These (Strings)

(Any melodic instrument with pre-recorded backing track)

1. Good night, Good night : SAMPLE
2. Blue Gamelan : SAMPLE
3. Mood Sentimental : SAMPLE
4. The Principal Dreams, no. 1
5. The Principal Dreams, no. 2
6. Orchestra of the Night

Dead Pop Stars (Free Bass Accordian and backing track)

Losing You (Innasence) : SAMPLE
Steel Pan Orchestral Classics
Flute Choir Orchestral Classics
Various Rock Arrangements